Location - St. Louis

Bob Plummer leads the firm’s St. Louis office and several of Stunsl's C-level and Operations Improvement practice areas. He has four years of consulting experience with Stunsl and 14 years experience as CEO, COO, and Division President of global manufacturing businesses up to $500 million.  His C-level experience follows 12 years of manufacturing management and manufacturing engineering experience at General Motors and Toyota, where he became an expert in the Toyota Production System.


Mr. Plummer utilizes high proficiency in Lean manufacturing to strategically transform manufacturing facilities into value streams of operations that develop superior competitive advantage for our clients.   He can transform manufacturing facilities into industry leading operations that responsively provide high quality products, on-time at the lowest possible cost and lead time using the least amount of working capital (inventory) for your customers.  At the C-level, he can further enhance your company by implementing competitive marketing strategies, sales growth and efficiency improvement tools, and sales and management systems that sustain improved business performance.


Mr. Plummer gained C-level leadership experience in the automotive, safety products, industrial products, and packaging industries.  His consulting experience additionally spans several other industries:  process controls and industrial automation, industrial and commercial equipment, health care, wealth management, real estate development, and durable good retail industries.


Mr. Plummer has an MBA from Harvard Business School and a Bachelor of Industrial Engineering from Kettering University.  He has taught classes offered by the Lean Enterprise Institute in Value Stream Mapping, Toyota Production System, and 5S.  He is a contributing author of Toyota by Toyota, a book describing key learnings about the Toyota Production System published by Productivity Press.