Meeting Your Needs

Applying our capabilities to your needs

Before we begin an engagement or even submit a proposal we work with you to understand your situation and your needs.  Through discussions with you we will gain insight into your philosophy and goals, the business context, your needs, and the details of the current situation. 


Taking into account those insights we will work together with you, using our expertise to develop a conceptual agreement for the project.   This is a collaborative process during which we identify the results and objectives you seek and the methodology we would employ to generate those results.  We discuss potential courses of action that could be taken to meet your needs and usually arrive at a few options from which you can choose to engage us in providing the results you seek.


We focus on your needs and generating desired results.  Once we have reached a conceptual agreement with you, we will provide a proposal that presents an appraisal of the situation, objectives of our assistance, measures of success, value to you, timing, methodology options, and the investment associated with the project.   Based upon your feedback, we can create additional methodology options, if necessary.

That's it.  We are then ready to get started.