Breakthrough client relationships

Breakthrough client relationships are much more than the typical relationship between a client and their consultant.   They enable more open and honest communication in an environment of mutual trust and respect.  They more effectively enable you to utilize the expertise of your consultant to create the results you seek.  They enable a forum to discuss critical issues that demand your attention, even if they are not part of the project on which we are working.  We will recommend other resources when highly specialized skills that we don't possess are required.  And we won't back away from controversy if its important to tell you where we disagree about an important matter.

Strong, effective, transformational relationships result from these breakthroughs.   The following are some examples of what our clients have to say about Stunsl and the results they achieved.

    Comments from a few of our client partners:
     “The financial services industry has gone through some tough times since 2008 and we were concerned about maintaining profitability and growth during a time when the future looked pretty uncertain. Stunsl helped us assess our client profitability and service levels in a way that enabled us to make tough decisions and build in profitability where there was none. Ultimately, we now focus more effectively on growth using a better service model that segments clients by client type and partner profitability. We all appreciated that insight and are now excited about our future growth again. Thanks, Stunsl.”

     - Jim Matush, Jr. CFP

    Founding Partner/Principal Advisor, Trinity Wealth Advisors LLC


     “Recently I became concerned with a downturn in my revenues not paralleled by reduced expenses.  I was referred to The Stunsl Group who analyzed my market and customer base to understand the problems.  Stunsl was energetic, engaging and creative in developing strategies to regain lost revenues.  We are implementing Stunsl's recommendations and witnessing successful changes."

     - John C. Hoppin, DDS



    “I reached out to The Stunsl Group when the real estate development I was managing was faced with bank foreclosure. Stunsl developed new business plans, which are supported by the bank holding our note and have significantly reduced my personal financial risk.” 

     - R. Timothy Cribb

    President, Pillar Development Group LLC


    “My partner and I were at an impasse over how to value our business and structure my buy-out of his 50% interest.  The Stunsl Group completed business valuations and proposed and mediated a purchase agreement that we both felt was fair and equitable.  We closed on the sale six months ago and I am now realizing my dream of taking my business to new heights.  Stunsl is currently working with me to develop plans to franchise my business model”

     - Jeff Tullis

    CEO, Accent Outdoor Lighting LLC