- The Profit From Efficiency Option -

We only get paid if we deliver results

That's it.  There are no strings attached.  We typically deliver operational improvements ranging from 10-40% in three to six months.  We focus on implementing improvements that will reduce costs and improve cash flow.  Because we are paid a fraction of the savings, the payback period on your investment is always six months or less.  Our fee is contingent upon meeting agreed performance improvement goals established at the beginning of the project.  
We communicate our plans and expectations honestly and openly with you.  If we take longer than planned to achieve the improvement goals or don't meet the goals, it's our problem, not yours.  You have absolutely nothing to lose and take no risk.

No capital expenditure required

We generate improvement by solving problems that adversely affect the efficiency of your operations.  No capital expenditures are required or expected. 
We offer flexible payment plans designed to meet your needs and circumstances.  There are no hidden fees and no unpleasant surprises.
It's not uncommon for our clients to have demanding profitability and cash flow targets.  Since we guarantee that our fees will be 50% or less than your annualized savings, you will always win.  We also guarantee that the payment plan we design for your situation will enable our project to be cash flow positive in your company's current fiscal or budget year.